Become super strong in another language
Speak immediately, in the language of your choice with natives from around the world.

Speak immediately and without an appointment in the language of your choice with native speakers from all over the world! English, Spanish, Hindi, Hindi… This community version operates on the principle of mutual assistance with reciprocity of time: a native speaker trains you, you must then, during another call, help another speaker by teaching him your mother tongue. Our objective: Revolutionize oral language learning through short discussions.

Company, Schools, Employees: Oral language training thanks to professional English-speaking trainers. You don’t have enough spare time to spend to help the community and you want to talk without waiting for online availability? The network of professional trainers online 24 hours a day will help you progress very quickly!

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Businesses, Offer access to your employees

110 English teachers online 24 hours a day, it’s a magical experience! Need another language course in Spanish, Chinese or Hindi? It is also possible!


10 minutes of mutual support = 10 minutes gained

Speak immediately for 10 minutes or more (micro-learning) in the language of your choice with a randomly selected native speaker. In the community version, then help a different community member in your mother tongue. The application decides for you whether you train in your native language or whether you will learn the language of your choice (depending on your time spent).

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For the ease of your communications

Do not use the speaker to avoid echoes and ambient noises with the microphone. Use earphones or phone with attached earphones. Maintain a good internet connection (WiFi, 4G) because our free calls go through the internet (such as WhatsApp, make sure you have enough data plan if you are travelling outside without access to the WiFi).