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We are looking for English teachers to speak English with French speakers. The work is paid at 14€ per hour, you must be able to issue an invoice, as a self-employed person or company. (You must be able to invoice your time with your own commercial structure, as an freelance or company).

Answer incoming calls in English whenever you want (only when you are available). Decide of your own work schedule, no minimum working hours are required. You are paid according to the time spend on the received calls. Be courteous, pleasant, correct your correspondent's mistakes from time to time, teach him some vocabulary and help him improve his English pronunciation.

To provide a 24-hour quality discussion service for companies we need your help with numerous english speakers.

e.g.: you speak 12 minutes, you will then be paid 12 minutes at the contractual rate. Payments are made at the end of the month as soon as you reach over a 100€ worth of conversation time.
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