Are you a language teacher? Complement your income with the incredible Speakingkong app


You work as a freelancer in various languages: French, English, Spanish,...

Are you able to invoice Speakingkong for your language training services? This is essential for your registration as a professional trainer.

Discussions in foreign languages, online, at any time of the day

Open the app to announce your availability. Then, as a native speaker, participate in audio discussions to teach your language to the community.

It’s very easy to use and you can work when you want!

from €6 to €30 per hour

Adjust your hourly rate as a language trainer according to your own necessities.

Our matching engine favours trainers who are favourably rated by learners in conjunction with competitive hourly rates.


Steps to undertake after registration as a trainer

Log in on your Mobile with your email/password trainer account


Register your availability thanks to the central button and simply wait for your mobile to ring. Come and test the new generation language exchange without any complexities!

Be courteous, pleasant and effectively convey your ideas


HELP YOUR STUDENT to conduct a conversation respecting the theme chosen by your learner. If the selected theme is free then talk without constraints. Always try to teach new vocabulary or correct the speaker’s sentences, but not excessively, to avoid disrupting the rhythm of the conversations.

Evaluate the conversation at the end of a call with the small QUIZ


It takes no more than 1 minute to evaluate your student at the end of the conversation. This will allow him to monitor his progress. In the same way, the student will give you an internal grade to ensure the sincerity of the teachers. Everyone benefits!


Why Speakingkong ?


An innovative way to teach through oral practice

A website and a mobile app for iOS and Android

more than 120 professional trainers

You are an expert in teaching foreign language/s? join us

Trainers located in all countries of the world

All the continents are already represented, unbelievable but true!

24-hour availability without appointment

No stress, you connect when you can, there is always a trainer online for you, somewhere around the world, day or night

Je me suis inscrite comme prof de français en le 9 Décembre et j'ai reçu 2 conversations dans la foulée, incroyable expérience.

Françoise Fluty

one application for my free time, thanks for that

Bradl Cooper

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