Learn to speak French for free!

About to go study abroad in France? Getting ready for a trip to Paris? Want to be more confident and relaxed when making conversation in French? Speakingkong lets you speak immediately, in the language of your choice with native speakers from around the world.  Let’s find you a language exchange partner right now!

What makes us different: 

Unlike other language exchange apps, our focus is connecting you to real, native speakers, so you can speak French whenever and wherever you are. The best way to learn French is through conversation, and we want to make finding a speaking partner easier. That’s why we connect you automatically to a different French speaker each time, no appointments necessary. We’re not like other language tandem apps- our priority allowing you to place a phone call ASAP.

short conversations

Practice speaking for micro-sessions of 10 minutes or more. 

you choose the theme

Pick different topics to learn new vocabulary and guide your discussion.

A quest to transform the oral language learning experience 

The community version operates on the principle of mutual assistance and time exchange, like most language tandems! A native speaker will teach you their language, and you must then help another community member by teaching them your native tongue. 

improve your accent

The only way is to practice speaking with native French speakers! 


The more conversations you have, the more certifications you can earn.

Learn French for your next business

meeting abroad


Need to learn professional French for work? Businesses, employees and schools can use our Pro Version when it’s convenient for them.


Want to supplement your teaching income?

As a native English speaker, you can also register with us as a Pro Trainer! Earn money as a Pro Trainer and lead conversations with people from around the world in English.

Speak French on your phone!

You can get in touch with a French person at the touch of a button- just log on using your phone and practice speaking French wherever you are!

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